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Space Update Needs Your Ideas!

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The purpose of this blog is to be a resource for aerospace technicians and students covering various topics that relate to the profession from job issues, to a review of basic skills, etc..  We would like to invite the aerospace technicians out there to take some time and let us know what you are interested in seeing covered in Space Update.  So, here is an invitation for you to send us your ideas!  Remember, this blog is written with you and your profession in mind and we would like  to hear from you.  So, speak up and be heard!

Before you do send in your ideas please remember these guidelines:

  • This is a site for aerospace technicians and students.  So please no astrophysicist topics, politics, cooking questions, Dancing with the Stars applications, etc.  Just aerospace technician topics folks!
  • If you want to add your information/experience to the idea please do so!  Just make sure you also give references if possible.  We will make sure you get credit for sharing your knowledge.
  • Aerospace technician instructors are welcome and encouraged to send in their ideas too.
  • If you don’t see your idea show up in a blog post right away don’t worry!  We are expecting and hoping for many ideas from all of you and will sort through and get your idea looked at ASAP.  If you can’t wait, then feel free to join our forum and start a topic about your idea.  We would love to have your participation and experienced knowledge.  The Space Update Forum is also a great place to network with other aerospace technicians in your profession or just to hang out.
  • Any ideas you wish to submit should be emailed to the Space Update webmaster.

So think over what it is you want to see covered on Space Update and let us know.  We are looking forward to hearing from you and meeting you on the forum.



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Thursday, March 24th, 2011 General